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Welcome to Westie Rescue USA, sponsored by Westie Rescue of the MidAtlantic States, Inc.

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Rain Snow and Sleet Westies braved them all during the 2009 Annual Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk More ...

Westie Games and Races at The VA Scottish Games
Come to the Virigina Scottish Games Labor Day weekend to enjoy all things Scottish and Westie Races on Sunday. All Westies and Terriers are welcomed! More ...

Dogs and sports are both worth the effort
By the time she died, Matty had become a beloved member of the Bowen family. The story of a rescued Westie's passing as written for kids in the Washington Post for Kids. More ...

Come Visit us on Face Book
Westie Rescue face book pages. See Westies looking for new homes, Events, and more. More ...

Westies loose a great friend and volunteer
Terri Chapman- Westie Rescue Volunteer and Board member passed away after a long illness on Monday June 3, 2013.
For almost 17 years Terri helped homeless Westies get ready for a new life. More ...

Walter's Big Adventure- A Westie Tale....
This is the story of the life of a West Highland White Terrier, as told by me, Walter, with notes by Jay North, or the other way around, depending on which member of the family you're talking to. Follow the link to know more.... More ...

Pet Care going up this year
The reason goes all the way back to Washington and an unintended consequence from medical reform. More ...

Rescue Pet Supply
Rescue Pet Supply - Wellness products for your dog, cat, and horse. 10% of your purchase goes to Westie Rescue More ...

Westies and Children
Westies are not recommended for families with small children...Why? More ...

Westies Needing Homes
Come see all the Westies who need a new home like yours. More ...

Westies Saved from Puppymill Need Your Help!
Meet female B109, who spent the first three years of her life as nothing more than a number. More ...

Adopted Westies- Photos and more!
Looking for Westie Photos? Coda and Dais share their story, got adopted, and their new life..."Hey Mom, we are on the web"! More ...

The Westie Rescue Story
Article on Westie Rescue Mid Atlantic, Meet Joey, and some of the people who adopt Westies and their thoughts. More ...

Skin Problems?
Own a Westie with severe skin allergies, been to the vet on numerous occasions and tried all sorts of medications, but nothing is working? Does this sound familiar? Yes? Than it is quite possible that your Westie has Malassezia More ...

Christmas wishes come true for 14 homeless Westies
14 Westies Adopted On Christmas Eve More ...

Who is in charge at your house?
Westies are loyal, affectionate, playful, enthusiastic, and little clowns. They bring joy to our lives. However, they can also be stubborn, loud, possessive, aggressive, and bossy. It will be up to you to determine if your new friend is a good companion or a terrierist. More ...

Why is My Adoption Application Taking So Long?
If you have sent an application and still have not been contacted by Westie Rescue, there my be a number of factors in the explanation. Read this article to find out about the possible causes for delay. More ...

Can we help you keep your pet?
Often people feel they must give up their pets for various reasons. On these pages, you'll hopefully find some alternatives and be able to keep your animal. More ...

The Right food for your Westie- provided by Nutro Pet Food
Our product selector helps narrow the field of Nutro products so you can find the ideal product for your pet. Just click the answers that best apply to your pet, and a list of matches will appear More ...

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is a unique, emergency hotline providing 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week telephone assistance to veterinarians and animal owners. The Center's hotline veterinarians can quickly answer questions about toxic substances found in our everyday surroundings that can be dangerous to animals. More ...

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