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Westie Rescue USA is a national clearinghouse for reputable organizations serving West Highland White Terriers in need all across America. This website is supported by Westie Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc., a nonprofit organization. 

Westie Rescue is made possible by independent organizations and volunteers all over the USA and Canada who care for homeless and sometimes helpless Westies to find those open arms and hearts like yours. 

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What is Westie Rescue?

All across the United States, independent Westie Rescue organizations and their volunteers are helping to identify Westies at risk of homelessness or death, fostering them, and placing them into permanent “forever” homes.

Our dogs come from lots of places. Some are surrendered to rescue from a private home. Other rescues are dedicated to rescuing Westies from “puppy mills,” where unprincipled business owners breed dogs for profit at a massive scale without regard to the dogs in “their care.”

We believe all dogs should be held harmless for their circumstance.

Through collaboration with other organizations, donations from private individuals and foundations, and the tireless work of volunteers, hundreds of Westies and other small dogs are saved each year from indignity, pain, and needless death.

Westie Rescue volunteers has helped over 2,500 Westies get the care they need to be ready for their new homes. Can you help us by making a donation today?

How to Get Involved

Westie Rescue organizations across America are in need of the skills, talents, and resources of private individuals to do their important work.  From locating at-risk dogs in kill shelters and providing fostering or adopting to helping your local Westie Rescue with transport, social media, or fundraising, there are many thing you can do to support the rescue of homeless Westies. Here are just three ways you can help:

  • VolunteerShare your skills with Westie Rescue USA, Westie Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States, or your local Westie Rescue.
  • AdoptConsider adopting a rescued Westie from a local Westie Rescue organization.
  • DonateMake a financial contribution to Westie Rescue USA or designated local Westie Rescue of your choice.
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Featured Testimonial: Why I Volunteer

I started rescuing 10 years ago as a “temporary” foster parent.  Wyatt turned out to be a dog with special needs due to the life of abuse he suffered before coming to me. I decided to become his forever mom to ensure his needs would always be met. Today I direct one of the largest Westie Rescue organizations in the United States. I am proud of our fantastic volunteers who always put dogs before people.

Karen Errichetti
Executive Director, North Atlantic Westie Rescue

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Find Your Local Westie Rescue Organization

Interested in finding a local Westie Rescue? Westie Rescue USA suggests you use their locator.

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Why You Should Donate

Did you know the average medical expense per dog in Westie Rescue is over $500? The range can be anything from $100 to several thousand. The majority of animal rescues charge a modest adoption fee that is much, much less than the expense of vetting the animal. That’s why local Westie Rescues rely on private donations from individuals and foundations to make up the difference. Want to make a difference in a dog’s life but don’t have the time to volunteer? Donate today!