Thank You for Submitting an Adoption Application

Thank you for submitting an application to adopt a dog from a Westie Rescue organization. Your form will be forwarded to your local organization and Westie Rescue USA. If you do not hear back, please feel free to reach out to your local organization directly.

Find a Local Westie Rescue

If you do not have a Westie Rescue organization in your state, email Westie Rescue USA at to get assistance.

Reminder: Due to over whelming demand, most Westie Rescue Organizations are reporting every Westie looking for a new home has been placed as fast as they come in at this time.  We are expecting an uptick in Westies being given up as the virus/social total lock downs are lifted and people begin to return to normal activities.  So stand by for more updates from Westie Rescue as they become available.