Mr Cody

Thanks Westie Rescue for giving me my life back.  I came into the program with broken LR upper leg bone that was shattered by a baseball bat hit. Westie Rescue had the wonderful vets at Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital, replace my bone with an artificial replacement.  It was VERY expensive and my recovery took a long time.  I couldn’t chase anything, no ball playing, stairs, couch hopping, NOTHING!  I had to be on a lead all the time outdoors. Uncle Stephen said it was hard on him too, but I wondered how that was possible as I was the one who had the surgery. Now I can run and play ball, chase squirrels and everything!  Thanks Westie Rescue for giving me everything especially my new home and parents.  It was great to be a part of this program of giving Westies a new chance at a second life.  –  Mr Cody, now a HAPPY rodent chaser!