Pet Personals

Westie Seeking Home

“Thin” Westie seeks someone with a nice couch, full refrigerator, warm bed, good viewing of a wildlife feeder, and weak will power.  I beg REAL WELL.  Send food….I mean, mail photos of Well Stocked Refrigerator to

I NEED MORE – Westie Rescue Box 12

Westie Seeking Playmate

Seeking running partner and all-around good-natured wrestler for 2 hours of fun and frolicking around the backyard (Yours or Mine).  Rain or shine as we can always trash my owner’s house. Need a good work out until tongues hang out.

ROCKY – Westie Rescue Box 11

Westie Seeking Walking Partner

Seeking walking partner for three time a day stroll though the neighborhood. Owner not necessary as I will pick you up.  Only one mile during the Summer then a good cold tile snooze with the A/C on LOWEST Setting. Cooler weather we can do four miles!

FERGUS – Westie Rescue Box 17

Note: No, these are not real……