Westie Rescue – Thinking of surrendering your Westie?

Westie Rescue Process

Each Westie receives the following health check up and treatments when they come to us:

Step One: Rescued Westie is off to our Vet hospital for medical health check ups, shots updated, teeth cleaning if required, neutering, blood testing to see what is going on inside, the start of normal food and normal daily schedule. Any medical conditions identified by our wonderful Vets, who see more Westies in a week than most Vets see in a year, have their required treatments started and continued by new owners with our assistance and oversight.

Westie Rescue has stepped up and repaired and rehabilitated many injured, hurt, and neglected Westies in the past years. Even some who’s medical bills exceeded $9,000 to get them ready for adoption.

Step 2: Temperament review

Step 3: Review Applications on file that match the Westie available. Review available Westie with applicants. Set up interviews and home visits with Westies available.

Step 4: Adoption trial stay (one week). Adopter donates to Westie Rescue to help offset the expenses of the next group of Westies that are coming who may need extensive medical care. (Donation range: $300-$600). Tax deductible as Westie Rescue is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit humane organization.

This process allows every Westie to move from the loss of a home to that great new home in a matter of days not weeks. This process lowers the stress on the dog and the volunteers who make up our program. After 26 years of running this program and having over 1,200 Westies placed, I can say it works as we have a 99% success rate in finding the RIGHT new home for every Westie that comes in on the first try.

This rescue/rehabilitation/adoption process demonstrates why our program is different from most rescue groups and why our medical costs run quite high.  Many of the Westies who come into our program have not received regular medical attention during the course of their lives and frequently have highly treatable conditions that, unfortunately, were never attended to.  Other Westies just need a few shots, a health check and they are ready for the next chapter of their lives.

This process allows each Westie gets a new start on life, ready for a new home, and a set of open arms and hearts. Will those be your arms and heart? Adopt a homeless Westie and start a new life together.

Your generous donations allows Westie Rescue programs to continue to operate and help the next little ones who are waiting for that second great new life.

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“Fergus” Waiting for his check-up at our Vet in Annapolis, MD (www.GAVH.com)

“Do they have the good kind of treats here?”