Apply to Adopt

To adopt a Westie in need of a great new home, please fill out and submit the adoption form below.  If you are applying to adopt a Westie out side of the Mid-Atlantic area, your form will be forwarded to your closest Westie Rescue organization/volunteer.

Note: Not all states have a local Westie Rescue organization. In those cases, we will forward your application to the nearest state-level or regional organization.

To find your local Westie Rescue contacts – click here.

  • Application submission is not a guarantee of adoption consideration. Please follow up with the organization to which you are applying to adopt, as all these organizations are run by volunteers. They will appreciate your follow up!
  • Not all Westie Rescue organizations accept the Westie Rescue USA automated application form. They may have different requirements, such as requiring a donation with the application. Check with your local organization to see if they use a unique adoption form and/or process for consideration.

Thank you for your interest in giving a homeless Westie a second chance at a great new life!

You need me! Yes, we are all this cute”