Westie Christmas Parade 2021 Review and Photos

Over 100 Westies marched through the streets of Alexandria VA in the 50th Annual Scottish Christmas Walk Parade.

After 1 mile of marching and getting petted by hundreds along the way, Westies are still excited to meet new friends!

With temps in the 50’s, Scottish bagpipes tunes in the air, thousands of people lining the streets up to 6 deep in many places all straining to catch a glimpse and a chance to reach out and pet as over 100 Westies marched in the 50th Annual Scottish Christmas Parade through the streets of Alexandria, Virginia on December 4th.

Westies have participated in this parade (commonly called the Westie Christmas Parade) for the past 30 years and we are always a great crowd pleaser as they prace down the streets dressed in Christmas outfits, jackets, and even Kilts!

Westies strutted, wagged their tails and took up two blocks going passed the reviewing stand which held local dignitaries, members of the Scottish Parliament, and Scottish Americans. Wave after wave of happy owners and their best buddies walked by to show how they have improved from the shy rescue dogs they once were, to full fledged family members.

Each year Westie Rescue invites all Westies and their owners to come and share the first Saturday morning of December by swapping Westie ownership stories and visiting other Westies. Westies pull on their leads dragging owners to the early morning meet up location st Safeway, as Westie reaction is always the same, “Momma look! This is going to be a great outing as everyone looks like me!”

On behalf of all of us involved in Westie Rescue we would like to say thank you to the attendees and hope everyone will mark their calendars for December 3, 2022, as this parade goes on rain, shine or even snow!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful event. And all those beautiful Westies. Hopefully next year my Westie, Dewars and I will be there!

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