Photo of The Week Dec 6th

Winston Churchill checks in from his new home

Winston and his mom on a road trip.

Winston Churchill wanted to let everyone know about his new life now that he is officially adopted. He was in foster care at first and he did such a great job of worming his way into her heart that his new mom was his foster mom!

Winston says, he followed the first rule for all adopted Westies, “Suck up and don’t blow a good thing“. He reports it worked like a charm. “She was such a sucker for a pretty face and a needy body, which is what I was“, said Winston.

You see I was at a shelter in North Carolina and I had a really bad skin infection, which made me stink and get all scratchy causing my fur to fall out in chunks! Man, I was scratching constantly and all twitchy. A boy couldn’t even get in a good snooze without every three seconds having a new area that will calling for a foot scratch. It was terrible!

Well, my new mom saw me and said I had to come home with her for some treatments. With Westie Rescue’s help, as they have seen hundreds of Westies with skin infections, my mom gave me baths every few days, followed by a towel down and a blow dry (I am not too keen on the dryer part), I got better and better. I no longer itch, I no longer stink, and I am growing fur!

Well, I fitted right in to that home like I was born there you see. I am now “adopted”, so it is official, that I am now at home.

I wanted to say thanks to my mom, who could see through my pain and smell that there was a great little guy hiding in plain sight. I would also like to say thanks to Westie Rescue for giving out advice on the treatments for Malassezia Dermatitis (Yeast infection of the skin), that if treated early all that is required is a few warm baths.

Winston Churchill 11/2021

Westie Rescue Reports: Westie owners despite countless visits to their veterinarian and an assortment of medications, their Westie’s condition just gets worse and worse. As a result, the owner becomes more and more frustrated and, all too often, the Westie ends up being abandoned at the vet’s office, relinquished to a shelter or rescue group, or euthanized.

A quick overview of the treatments and meds are listed below: