Photo of the week Nov 29

Ms Bella checking in from her new home.

Ms Bella on the hunt in Madison, VA!

Bella wanted everyone to know she is happy and doing great at her new home. Her new parents report she is one great Westie too.

She has been busy this fall with trips to the family property to inspect all the trails and animals who run around in the woods in Madison, VA. Bella says there is nothing more frightening to squirrels than a Westie on the hunt!

Ms Bella was adopted last year (11/2020) having been dropped off at a shelter in WV. She was picked up and brought to Westie Rescue as she had some health issues and did not like the resident cats at her foster mom’s home.

After a long day, what could be better than a snooze? ZZZzzz……

Bella reports that her health is great and everyone is happy with the adoption arrangements. She plans on attending the great Westie event on December 4, the 50th Scottish Christmas Walk Parade through the streets of Alexandria, VA along with hundreds of her follow Westies. So come join her and show the crowds how great Westies are!

More parade info:

All Westies and Want to Be Westies are welcome!

Congrats to everyone involved from all of us at Westie Rescue MidAtlantic.

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  1. Thanks to everyone involved with Westie Rescue & the adoptors! Love the Parade pics. Wish it was not such a long ride from our home. Our health precludes us from long drives. Aiko joined us one year ago & the three of us are so happy together. 💖

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