Nipsey needed your help and you responded!

Nipsey on look out …….

Mr Nipsey” and Westie Rescue – MidAtlantic Region needed your help and you stepped up to help!

Donations were needed offset “Mr Nipsey’s” medical bills and find that special new forever home.

At 6 years old, Nipsey was dropped off at a shelter due to his extensive and dangerous ear infection and hair loss. Westie picked him and rushed him into the caring arms at our Vet hospital in Annapolis Maryland ( to get a complete health check up and medical treatments started

When Nipsey first came in his ears were swollen shut and were oozing yellow and green infection material. His hearing was almost nonexistent and he was showing constant signs of pain.  To make matters worse, the poor little guy had a raging case of skin infections causing hair loss and the dreaded “itches”.

Through the services of our Vets who have worked with us to help over 1,200 Westies over the years, the infections are now under control, his hearing is beginning to return, and his skin infections are beginning to turn around. It was confirmed that Nipsey is one lucky dog, as everyone involved thought he would lose his hearing forever as his ear drums were so inflamed and compromised. He is now recovering in foster care and will return to our vets for bi-weekly rechecks to make sure his skin and ear infections are under control and are healing as expected. Even as Nipsey moves to a full recovery, his medical bills are still piling up and currently stand at $2,900.00.

Donations were urgently needed to help give Nipsey the veterinarian care, blood testing, medical specialist testing he needs, and to ensure that he receives his many follow up visits as his life begins to unfold. His foster family has reported he is the best little guy in the world.

Nipsey writes in from foster care: “They love me here and give the best scratches. I have a yard to run in and I get to sleep on the human bed at night. Every day we go on long walks together to help me build up my muscles. I get to share a special extra wide chair with my foster mom during the day so I can stay really close.

My ears and skin are getting better every day as I am no longer in constant agony and pain. I also can hear my food bowl getting a refill. That and “Do you want a treat?” are the best sounds! I just LOVE treats!  I could use one now by the way….Hello…, can someone bring one or two?

Thanks Westie Rescue for saving me.  You guys are a Westie’s best friend, especially one like me who is in trouble and needs help!”Nipsey, October 2021

Nipsey Update Nov 16th ******!

Great news, my foster mom is adopting me and has already purchased new duds for me a my own bed! My ears are so much better thanks to everyone who helped pay off my vet bills. It was so good to hear that people actually cared about about me and how I was doing. Well, all is great in my world. There were a few tussles with my Scottie sister on who’s toys belonged to whom, but that was soon settled. We now play with each other!

Wrestle Mania!

During the day I get to sleep in the big chair with mom as it fits us both and I get to be real close. My fur is looking better and better. Must be all the love and attention I get.

Once again I would like to thank my foster mom for seeing through all of my pain and taking a chance on my butt. I would also like to thank Westie Rescue for all their efforts to assist me in getting well and finding my mom. I am truly thankful for everyone and everything that has come my way. Happy Thanksgiving! – Nipsey, November 2021

PS: My mom has changed my name to Mr Dudley. My, that sounds so professional that I am going to get a name tag with that on it for my collar. Now when I walk down the street people will yell out here comes DUDLEY! It is really great to have a fan club….

The extra soft big chair…….
Me and my sister on guard duty in the back yard.

Please visit this website blog, so we can share with you more Westie Rescue success stories, like Nipsey’s. You will read first hand, the differences your generous gift is making in their lives.

Our sincere thanks for your help, because without your donations, we could not help Westies like little Mr Nipsey get well and find those new homes for life.

For over 26 years Westie Rescue – MidAtlantic Region has helped over 1,200 Westies like Nipsey find the care they need, the open arms to hold them, and a safe home to live out their lives. Can you help us help these little ones?

If you would prefer to donate by a check, our mailing address below:

Westie Rescue MidAtlantic Region
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Dunn Loring, VA 22027

Please make checks payable to “Westie Rescue”.

In 2020 98.5% of every donation dollar went to vet expenses to get these little ones ready for that second chance at life.

The volunteers who make up Westie Rescue all over the USA, thank you for your continued support of our efforts. We are indeed truly humble by your generosity to keep us operational and the vet bills paid off so we can help the next little one who is coming in.

Stephen Di Giulian – Westie Rescue – MidAtlantic Region