Photo of the week June 14th

Hello Westie fans, It’s me, Gordie! I was just adopted this week.

I know I am not 100% Westie but that was ok to Uncle Stephen, he rescued me anyhow. He said I could get passed off as a “Westie-want-2-be, whatever that is.

We drove a long way together so we bonded right away. I just love people. I was adopted this past week and I am living the life in Northern VA with my new Mom and family. I love power walks to inspect my new domain. Uncle Stephen lives down the street a few blocks, so we visit Fergus and any foster dogs that are hanging out. I get to ride in the car often and get treats from everyone. Everyone I meet is such a sucker for a pretty face like mine.

Thanks everyone at Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital ( for the “tune up and the all the tests I took, which I have to say I passed with flying colors. I guess now I know why they said I was “Tutored” while I was sleeping the other day. I must one smart doggie! Thanks Aunt Wendy for the play dates and extra walks while everything was going on.

Ok, that’s all from my new home, other than that, all I have to say is THANKS WESTIE RESCUE for finding me a great new home so quickly. Gordie June 2021

Gordie, ready for that road trip to a new life!