Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic helps our 1,200th Westie!

In 2020 Westie Rescue Mid-Atlantic Region reached a milestone as the volunteers have rescued and re-homed their 1,200th West Highland White Terrier (Westie).  Most of the Westies we get in are happy healthy pets that find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, due to death of the owners, changes in living arrangements, and military forced transfers. Others need lots of medical assistance so they can be ready for their second chance at a great new life.

For the past 26 years , owners, state, county, and local municipal animal control authorities, have reached out to Westie Rescue regarding dogs that are unwanted or lost.  Westie Rescue volunteers act quickly to pick up the animal in question, drive them directly to a veterinarian hospital to ensure that the Westie in question receives a medical evaluation, rabies shots, and other medical care as required by the experienced vets we use. While that medical effort is underway, we look through our screened applications on file to see who can fulfill the dreams of the Westie in question on what would be the perfect home to start the second chance at life. All of of this process comes with a price tag….Vet Bills.

We need your financial help to pay off our monthly vet bills. Bills that can be as high as $5-10,000, due to the condition these little ones find themselves when they come into our program. Many have not had vet care in years and the older ones need much much more care than the younger Westies to get healthy once again. It is wonderful to see that bounce and happy tail wags as they regain their strength and energy levels. Toys and squirrels become of interest once again. Happy little bodies ready for that second chance at a great new life!

Mr Charlie our selected 1,200th Westie

Remember Westie Rescue when you write your bills this month because without your donation, we cannot help these little ones……

A puppy mill rescue run resulting in 24 dogs being saved. All are crated and headed to our vets to get the care they needed.
Co-pilot Sadie ready for her next road trip to help rescue Westies in need.