What happens to Westies when they die?

They go to work among the clouds, as there is plan for everything…


A wise mom told her children a bedtime story as they were not settling down nor ready for sleep.

You see their Westie had died earlier that day, so there were lots of tears and fears that the hole in their fabric of life would never be filled in again and that hole would remain there forever. That feeling of loss was way too real and painful to everyone in the household. That space where he used to sleep during the day was now empty. Those little shadows of him where he would sit watching the squirrels outside, seemed so real. That empty water bowl that no longer needs filling. Those toys that will never be played with. That dog bed, that collar and that lead that have no warm body to fill them. When you close your eyes all those happy images quickly come flooding back into mind. The ones where you see that white little body looking up at you wagging that carrot tail with bright eyes and that happy face. That spot at the foot of the bed where every night they would lay, hogging up bed space as only a Westie can do. Then you open your eyes, the image melts away as the memory of the loss comes quickly back to you. Your eyes water on the pain…..

All the house is empty of that special little Westie who is just… gone.

She told them not to cry but to remember “that there is a plan for everything….

When Westies die, they are really just being called up for their next big job, to help with a large problem that requires special assistance. These older wiser Westies are selected because they are the best little hunters and God needs a little help with a problem… A problem among the clouds.

The problem is rodents, and there are a lot of them running around eating all the good stuff in heaven. You see God, has an infestation of squirrels, rats, and rabbits and he needs your little guy’s/girl’s help in getting it under control. So he calls up only the best and special Westies who can spot those little rodents and chase way that problem so everyone can enjoy the clouds.

So, when Westies get old and die, they want you to remember that they are OK. They alive and running around, restored to health once again, with a large pack of their Westie friends. All of them zipping back and forth with their tails up, tongues out, fur a flying as they bound up down through the puffs and folds of clouds, chasing rabbits, rats and squirrels across the heavens. They are having such a grand time while they wait for you to join them many many years from now, which for them, is just a blink of an eye. Then you will see them once again, look into their eyes made bright again, touch their warm bodies, stroke their fur, feel that cold nose, and hear that sigh of contentment once again, as you both lay among those same clouds, together once again….FOREVER.

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Fergus on the run….. Fergus will never make it to heaven, so he is busy running around on earth still chasing rodents of all sizes. “Hey, there goes that fox again!” 🙂

2 thoughts on “What happens to Westies when they die?

  1. Thank you I miss Harley (he was my kid) more than I ever could have imagined. My little buddy who was so very loyal to me. Never ran away, great in the house. Meant so much to me. Went everywhere with me,

  2. I could not bury my best friend. When she passed away, I immediately knew she needed to be cremated. She is still with me, with her photos, condolence cards, collar and tags, in my home. My life isn’t the same without her. She was my very best friend. She loved vanilla milkshakes and rides in the car. She went everywhere with me, even when we moved to Belize. She and I had a blast, but I think she had more friends than anyone!!! Everyone loved her. God bless the Westies everywhere.

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