Photo of the week October 18

“Annie” Checked into Westie Rescue looking for a new home and it has been found.

Annie, a 12 year old female who came into the Westie Rescue program in the MidAtlantic area, as she had announced that she is a queen, and needs a retired couple/stay at home parent catering to her short list of needs. Miss Annie is only happy when sitting next to you or being right near you 24/7.

Annie weighing in at 18#, is one of the gentlest Westies ever to bounce around a home, came into our arms as her original owner moved away not wanting to take her with them. She is a total suck up wanting nothing more than a power walk and a lap to sit on.

Over the weekend she was adopted by a Service disabled veteran who thinks she is the sweetest little thing ever. She drove home riding in the front seat and snoozing in the back seat all the long way home. Annie will be living the life with a doggie door, fenced yard, long walks, and a soft bed to sleep on. Another great placement that fulfills the dreams of one happy little girl.

Ready for the wind in my face. Get the car rolling!
Annie reports that the bed is the right size and the bone patch is a nice touch. As she fits just right…

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  1. Steven, we are stoked! We are focused on that we & Annie can do together. All I have wanted since Keegan & Maeve crossed the rainbow bridge is another Westie to rescue and love and pamper. Annie fits all the attributes that we love. Please seriously consider us as Annie’s forever home.

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