“Charlie” Updates

Charlie is doing much better * Updates on new home w/ Images*

READY FOR NEW Adventures!

Charlie, the 10/11 year old Westie who came in to Westie Rescue seeking medical help and a second chance at a new life mid August with critical injuries, has had a tremendous recovery and is now happy and full of life!

To keep everyone updated, Uncle Stephen will post updates on his recovery and activities while he is in our program of helping little ones find that great second chance at life.

Back Ground:

The decision was made very quickly when Charlie first came into our program, to see if we could, ID his issues, medically solve and end his pain, and eventually be adopted. Once that decision was made, every Westie, visits one of the Vets we work with to have a complete health examination, blood testing to see what is going on beneath the surface, shots up dated, neuter/spay, teeth cleaned, and if all goes smoothly, a clip and a blow dry along with a nail trim. In other words a dog “Tune Up”! Our goal to make each Westie ready for that new home in the least amount of time thereby reducing the stress on the dogs. In Charlie’s case the road to a new home was going to be much much longer.

The original owner did not see or care that Charlie was in pain and could not walk far without limping. If it wasn’t for the intervention of a party guest, Charlie would have lived out his life in that awful pain. She saw Charlie and wondered why he was tied to the back door of the home. The answer was the owner did not have time for Charlie as she now has children. The woman asked about Charlie and could she have him since he was unwanted. The owner said yes, as they could care less about him. This Guardian Angel, pick up Charlie, got him into a vet and a groomer ASAP. Both of which Charlie had not seen in years. She then called Westie Rescue to see if we could take Charlie and make him well. Our answer was, “Of Course!” So Charlie rode drown from NJ into my arms in Delaware for the additional ride to the Vet in Annapolis MD. The discovery of Charlie pain was a shock.

Week One:

First up emergency surgery to find out what was in this HUGE lump on his right side tummy area. Answer, dog abuse. The vets found a 5″ bambo BBQ skewer inside Charlie that had been broken off below the skin level. This object had been inside him puncturing multiple organs for over 4 weeks. Any responsible owner would have seen huge blood loss, screaming, and unbelievable pain from this impact.

During the last six weeks, Charlie’s impact area has reduced from 4.5″ to 1.5″. The images above show you what was removed from him and the impact area during week one.

Weeks 2-3: Charlie’s daily activity has grown, walks are longer, his strength is slowly being regained, and he is showing he is a fighter.

Weeks 4: As you can see below, the impact area is shrinking, there is no complications like infection or tissue die off. In fact everyone is amassed that all is progressing so well. Charlie has been a wonderful and calm patient, allowing the Vet staff to poke, clean, and patch him daily

Week 5 Charlie gets a break from the Vets

Charlie moved in with me a few weeks ago to get a break from life at the vets, as his bandages needed changing and the wound flushed every other day. Which is great news as the trip to and from the great Vets at Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital and his ever vigilant Vet Tech, Wendy, is 80 miles for me.

While Charlie was with Uncle Stephen, he had 6 walks a day, with extra trips out for a quick pee, and to sit and watch the cars drive by or an occasional bird or running chipmunk. Lots of snoozing time in the office. Every few hours poor Charlie would get a brushing on a body part followed up with a treat, then a little ball playing, followed by a full body rub. Charlie is a complete Westie who refuses to be ignored, as he will head butt you for attention, . He is a number one tossed ball retriever. As the week progressed, Charlie now looks you in the eyes, runs to you for a hug and a pet. He will bounce up and down when treats are involved or when it is dinner time. He can now do doggy stretches as the pain in his side is gone, loves a full body rub, and he thinks he should sit in your lap with your legs folded until your legs and himself fall asleep…..

Week 6 Charlie is reborn!

As you can see, Charlie has made tremendous improvements from where he was back in August. He now has a spring in his step, he bounces up and down for food and when getting ready for a walk. He truly is a walking miracle, thanks to skilled vet care, daily care from his “staff”, and lots of snoozing time. He is ready to chase squirrels, enjoy life, and is ready to face another round of surgery to include neutering and dental work.

The surgery happened a few weeks ago and Charlie came through with flying colors less a few bad teeth. Charlie has charmed everyone me meets especially the Staff at the Vet hospital.

Charlie is all better now!
Charlie’s impact area 10.07.2020

*** Update: Charlie has a new home. He will be living up in New England near Gloucester, MA on the bay. A home with lots of love for this special guy. He has pulled through and now ready for a new life full of adventure and sand bar walking. Congrats to Charlie!

His new home reports that he is following the #1 Rule for Adopted Westies – Suck up for at least three days, so they will not return your sorry butt.

New Home, same job…Security

Charlie’s recovery is one that had many players involved. The wonderful people who found him roped to a backdoor and brought him into my arms. Wendy Opel who checked on him and coordinated his daily vet check and meds, The Drs Elizabeth Daher & Norma Woodburn who did the diagnoses, first surgeries, and provided daily care to his wounds, the GREAT Docs at Annapolis Vet Hospital who sewed up his internal organs that were punctured by the BBQ skewer found inside poor Charlie, the volunteers at Westie Rescue who ran his butt into the hospital and checked on him daily.

The last group who have helped Charlie has been the many angels who have donated to offset almost 60% of his bills Charlie has been racking up.

Charlie’s Medical bills updated 9/28/2020

  • Emergency Vet surgery: $3,800
  • Vet Bill: $3,849.84 so far and rising
    • (Includes $1,359.74 for Neutering, Teeth Cleaning w/extractions (9/15/2020) and bandage changes for last week.)
  • Costs of Love: $0
  • Total Medical Expenses $7,649.84 to date (9/28/2020).
  • Charlie happy, well and ready for his new home:  Priceless

Westie Rescue needs your help to offset Charlies bills. Many of you have given, but he needs more now.

Please donate now

Charlie riding shot on his way to work 9/17/2020

Inspecting the fishing boats

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  1. Charlie is so beautiful. God bless you for saving him. I lost my love, a 12 yr old Westie Just last month to bone cancer. There isn’t a moment that I don’t miss him. I will have another Westie as soon as I heal just a bit. Best pups in the world.

    1. Westies are the best, I know the feeling, I lost my precious Marah, she was 16 years, it’s 15 months since she is gone, I wish I could be closer for another Westie, I don’t think I will ever get there, I wish you the best and maybe you will be ready for another Westie!

  2. What a wonderful story. About halfway through I was ready to adopt him. Then I reach the news that he has a new home. Job well done by all. I hope he lives a long and happy life 🥰

    I am interested in adopting a a Westie. We have previously rescued a Westie and loved her so much. I’m a pet sitter and she was a client dog. They didn’t want her anymore because their kids went off to College. Naturally, I said I would keep her. My only regret was that they didn’t tell me sooner.

    Please contact me if you have any other adoptees.

  3. Thank you so much for taking such great care of this sweet boy. We have had Westies are whole lives & love their “ independent thinking”. We are currently without any dogs.

  4. Such a brave little guy. Prays for this little westie. Wish I lived closer so I could visit him. God be with charlie and a fast recovery

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