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West Highland White Terrier Club of Southeast Texas (WHWTCSET)

Westies in Need

For a variety of reasons, each year a number of Westies find themselves in need of new homes. Responsible breeders take care of their own, but pet stores, puppy mills, brokers, and many backyard breeders stop when the money changes hands. Many people take on a dog when they are not prepared for it. Many do not research the breed and choose the wrong dog for their lifestyle and personality. Many do not feel a need to commit to a dog for their lifetime. Some dogs are lost, some are abandoned, and some are owner-surrendered. Sometimes owners are forced to give up their Westie due to medical problems, divorce, moving, allergies, a new baby, or some other reason.

Our Rescue Program

Our rescue program is the "Safety Net" for Westies who have no responsible breeder to stand behind them. Through the hard work and dedication of volunteer members of our club, the WHWTCSET Rescue Committee is available to assist Westies in need of a new home. We try to determine the background, temperament, and any special needs of each rescued Westie based on a thorough health examination along with any available information about the Westie. Vaccinations are given and any required medical treatment is administered. We then try to match each rescued Westie with the very best home from adoption applications in our files.