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Westies Saved from Puppymill Need Your Help!

This is female B109, who spent the first three years of her life as nothing more than a number. She lived in one of several dozen wire cages, exposed to the elements. On good days, if she was lucky, there was food (although never quite enough), and some water (even if was slightly brown and rusty). And, if someone remembered, on freezing, snowy days, there hopefully would be cardboard wrapped around the back of the cages to keep the icy air from blowing directly on her.

But in November, the world changed for B109, when she and 10 other Westies were picked up by Westie Rescue and transported back to the Virginia area. There was hardly a sound in the van on that long trip back. Most of the dogs were either too terrified or confused to bark, or too sick and weak to even whimper.

On that day, B109 forever became know as “Maggie.”

It was a long road back to good health. There were the urine scalds and infected sores on her paws from constantly standing in 2 to 3 inches of fetid waste and filth. Her teeth were black as road tar and a skin infection had made her lose patches of fur, which was matted and muddy brown color. And, an untreated, raging ear infection would always leave Maggie with permanent hearing loss in the left ear. After some weeks of extraordinary veterinary care and two loving foster homes for further rehabilitation, Maggie was ready for adoption. Her new (and first!) family says she is the most loving, playful, and grateful Westie they have ever known. Maggie’s vet and care charges were over $1200, but so worth it to give this little girl another chance at a happy life.

Not all of our Westie Rescue cases are as traumatic or heartbreaking as Maggie’s, but the numbers are increasing. Sometimes families are split because of divorce, death, or relocation and the Westies are discarded. Like you, we cannot imagine giving up such an adorable, beloved pet. But, without the work of Westie Rescue, so many of us wouldn’t know the joy of adding a Westie to our homes. It’s even harder for us to imagine what fate befalls those we don’t hear about or are too late to rescue.

Won’t you please make a generous contribution to Westie Rescue? Help us ensure that wonderful Westies like Maggie are given the chance to experience a kind, soft touch, a warm place to sleep, and most importantly, to be part of a family to love.

Please Donate to Westie Rescue Now

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