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Can we Help you keep your pet?
Often people feel they must give up their pets for various reasons. On these pages, you'll hopefully find some alternatives and be able to keep your animal. There is also lots of info here for those who would never dream of giving up their pet, but just need some advice on basic pet problems . They are often the very same problems for both groups of people.

Animal Planet-TV
Animal Planet TV show

Doggie Fun WebSite
Where Doggies come for fun!

Boldly goes where no Pet Fancier has gone before!

Dogs, Free Dog Stuff and Canine Fun!
If you love dogs, visit now! You can get FREE dog web sites, free dog email, send a free dog postcard and so much more!

Micheles Westies
Visit our Bark-n-Purr Toy Store for unique Embroidered Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Windbreakers , Pillows, Greeting Cards, hand-crafted Doggie and Kitty toys, & Pet Bedding

Dog Owners Giude
The online Dog Magazine for pet owners.

Dig the Dogs

Dog Breeds, Dog Training, Dog Supplies...Find Info About Dogs

Find information on dogs in the Dog Info Index including dog breeds, dog training and dog supplies.

Next Day Pets
Dogs & Puppies - Next Day Pets - Provides a venue for dog rescues and shelters to find quality homes for adult dogs and puppies with information for 150+ dog breeds and pet supplies. Includes a dogs & puppies website directory, pet friendly hotels and dog names.

Guide Star

Crazy About Westies
Westie Membership Site For Westie lovers From All Over The World

International Westie Club Links
Westie Clubs all over the world

Purina Dog Care website
Good Tips for owners and FUTURE owners.

wikipedia- West Highland White Terrier (Westie)
Need more background info on Westies? Come visit the online version.

Pet Lovers Companion
Greater Washington Resource Handbook for Animal Lovers

Westies and Children
Westies are not recommended for families with small children...WHY?

Wagging Tails Ranch
Need a safe place to board your Westie? Come visit us. Westie Approved!

Care & Training
Dog Parks
Puppy Mills
Pet Adoption Sites
Dog Training