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American Dog Trainers Network
A large collection of resources about dogs.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Looking for a trainer in your area?

Alpha Roll- Westie Wisdom
The alpha roll is used to express to the dog in terms it can understand that you WILL NOT tolerate threats such as snapping, biting, growling, or any other warning type behaviours.

Can we help you keep your pet?
Often people feel they must give up their pets for various reasons. On these pages, you'll hopefully find some alternatives and be able to keep your animal. There is also lots of info here for those who would never dream of giving up their pet, but just need some advice on basic pet problems . They are often the very same problems for both groups of people.

(Potential) Behavior Problems
A Library of (Potential) Behavior Problems identification and corrections.

About's Dog Resource - Article Archives
Website for dog training and advice. -"Where dog lovers become dog trainers."
Dog training school

Housebreaking by Bob Maida The number one reason dogs are given up is because they are not housebroken. The most effective way to housebreak a dog is to limit the dog’s responsibility. Keep the dog in your line of vision. Keep ahead of the messes. If the dog is given enough chances to go out, most if not all, accidents can be prevented.

dachshund tips
Dachshunds And Dachshund Information For Dachshund Dogs - Awesome Dachshund Information For Free

Behavior & Training
Westie tips and suggestions

Dog Training Tips
Sit... stay... heel... come! We know you want a well-behaved dog! And well-behaved dogs are happier, too, because it's easier for them to be part of the family.

Care & Training
Dog Parks
Puppy Mills
Pet Adoption Sites
Dog Training