2019 Scottish Games Westie Rescue will be attending

2019 Scottish Games Westie Rescue will be attending

Westie Rescue will be at multiple Scottish Games and Festivals this year to show off adopted Westies.  The largest is always the Virginia Scottish Games. This will be our 26th year in attending. We run the dog events and the Terrier Races (Demos on Saturday and actual Racing is on Sunday).

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Summer/Fall Allergy Time!

A quick tip to keep your little one away from the dreaded itches and scratches this fall. Baby Wipes.

EVERY TIME the little monster(s) come in from outside wipe their muzzle, feet, tail and butt areas with a fresh baby wipe. Simple but effective. Where to buy? COSTCO, yep, good old bulk buy Costco.

Now go get the leash, the winds are getting ready to present “Westie Weather” (cold snap that gets their tails up), and there are active squirrels that need chasing out there…..

“My Westie Barks, but what is he/she trying to say?”

Great article in Psychology Today on what dogs are trying to communicate to you through a bark. This may help you understand your Westie’s bark telling you that the mailman’s truck is coming down the street! https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/canine-corner/201906/concise-dictionary-dog-barks

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Lost our boy “Koda”

Every once in a while a Westie comes into our program who needs some extra special medical attention to get ready for a new life. Some Westies need allergies conditions identified and treatments started, some need surgery to repair broken parts, others like Koda, come to us with conditions so critical that they need multiple vet visits and specialized medical skills/testing to narrow down the issues to determine what the heck is going on.

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