Westies (Who and What are they?)

These short-legged terriers of Scotland are now one of the most recognized of Scottish dogs. All terriers undoubtedly descend from the same roots. Westies are valued as intrepid hunters of small game. They will keep you and your home safe from Squirrels, Chipmunks, and the UPS man.

West Highland White Terrier

Originally, their coat colors ranged from black to red to cream or white. Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, of Argyll shire, Scotland, is generally credited with breeding the white dogs.  He had kept a pack of light colored working terriers for hunting. As the legend goes, a reddish dog of his, emerging from cover, was mistakenly shot for a fox. Malcolm is said to have decided on the spot to breed only white dogs that could be readily identified in the field.

Officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1908

The Westie today makes a GREAT pet for the home owner and the apartment dweller alike. With his easy manner, air of self importance and a ready-to-go attitude the Westie is a bundle of pleasure.  They will always come and tell you how grateful YOU should be to have him in your home. Above all, a Westie will not be ignored.

Westie Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic States is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting West Highland White Terriers needing rescue from neglect, abuse, or assistance in finding new homes.  Each year, Westie Rescue finds homes for 60-80 of these little guys and girls here in our area..

 More info visit:

Stephen Di Giulian


Westie Rescue

PO Box 342

Dunn Loring, VA  22027


Scottish Christmas Walk 2019

2019 Scottish Christmas Parade

Westies take to the streets December 7 in Alexandria, VA to show who is the best dogs from Scotland!

Westie from all over the Washington DC area will be marching down the streets in full glory during the 49th annual Scottish Christmas Walk.  Each year Westie Rescue invite all Westies to march behind our banner to show off in front of thousands who line the streets to view the Christmas season opening event.  Will you join us?

Come join in all the fun as we march through the streets of Alexandria VA this weekend to show the thousands who line the street how great Westies are.

Westie Rescue will be marching in the 49th Annual Scottish Christmas Walk-Parade in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  Over 200 Westies, dressed in their kilts and coats, are expected to help make 2019 a great show.  Westies and their owners are encouraged to wear Christmas or Scottish finery. 

Rain, Shine, or Snow!

All Westies will meet up at the Safeway 500 South Royal St at 9:30AM. At 10:00AM, we will move to our assigned parade spot

2019 Scottish Games Westie Rescue will be attending

2019 Scottish Games Westie Rescue will be attending

Virginia Scottish Games August 31 & September 1, 2019


Westie Rescue will be at multiple Scottish Games and Festivals this year to show off adopted Westies.  The largest is always the Virginia Scottish Games. This will be our 26th year in attending. We run the dog events and the Terrier Races (Demos on Saturday and actual Racing is on Sunday).

Please come by and show your support and talk with our volunteers as well as pet a Westie or two.  Murphy, Piper, and Fergus are coming so plan on petting them. 

The games will be held for two days this year.  Dog events start each day at 10 AM.  There is always a parade of all Scottish Dogs and the Clans around noon time on SUNDAY.  I will be running the famous Terrier Races once again so come out and cheer those who make it all the way to the end.  Your terrier is expected, so come one and all. 

Spread the word Westie Rescue will be at the VA Scottish games at Great Meadows, The Plains, Virginia, for the 42nd Annual Scottish Games and terrier races. 

Dogs are welcome. Special Dog Events each day. 

More photos and directions:  http://www.vascottishgames.org/Dogs.html

Spring Allergy Time!

A quick tip to keep your little one away from the dreaded itches and scratches this spring time. Baby Wipes.

EVERY TIME the little monster(s) come in from outside wipe their muzzle, feet, tail and butt areas with a fresh baby wipe. Simple but effective. Where to buy? COSTCO, yep, good old bulk buy Costco.

Now go get the leash, the weather is warming up, and there are squirrels that need chasing out there…..