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Sleeping Arrangements

Where do they sleep?
Sleeping Positions
Amount of Sleep

Where do they sleep?
A Westie's favorite sleeping place is your bed. Or even better-your pillow. Short of that, they may be satisfied sleeping on a fleece dog bed, right beside your bed. But don't be surprised if you get a midnight visitor. Many Westies are capable of jumping up into your bed and probably will any chance they get.

If you are trying to get a puppy to sleep in his own bed, try wrapping a warm (not hot) hot water bottle in a towel. Your puppy is a heat-seeking missile and may go for it although the warmth of your body with its rhythmic beating heart is far preferable.

Some Westies will sleep with other companion pets or a favorite toy. Whatever the routine, dogs are creatures of habit. It is difficult to change after a habit is entrenched.

Sleeping Positions
The first time you see your Westie sleep on his back with his feet in the air, you may be somewhat disconcerted. This is the pose of a completely secure, relaxed dog. If he is sleeping in this position, you are doing something right!
It is not unusual to see a Westie sleep with his head falling out of the bed onto to the floor. Although it looks very uncomfortable to us, it must feel good to them.

Amount of Sleep
A healthy adult dog will sleep 50% of the day and straight through the night. Puppies and dogs recovering from surgery sleep about 70 to 90% of the time. Like most predators, a dog sleeps when nothing else is going on to reserve his strength for the big hunt. A change in the amount of sleep warrants watching, but for the most part, sleeping during the day is normal.

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