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Housebreaking Tips

Confine pup when you can't supervise it or when it hasn't produced the desired result (going potty). Keep taking it out until it does give you the desired result.

Take puppy out the second it wakes up in the morning. Don't think it will wait while you make the coffee or go potty yourself. When puppies have to go it is RIGHT NOW.

Don't leave food out at all times (free feed). Set a routine feeding schedule. What goes in must come out. With a schedule you can determine when puppy is ready to go. Usually 10 to 20 minutes after eating. I also monitor water intake.

Take puppy on leash even if you have a fenced yard so you can be there to praise a job well done, and also to keep it's mind on the task at hand rather than playing etc.

Put a Key Word with the job. I've always said...don't laugh...tinkle and pooh pooh. Don't interrupt puppy while it is doing its job but towards the end, say good girl, good potty, whatever you want to say and praise like crazy. If puppy has an accident, don't yell at it, just take a rolled up newspaper and....whack yourself with it! You weren't watching the puppy and peeing and pooping are completely natural processes. Don't yell and fuss at the puppy, just clean it up and be more watchful.

Why not scold? Because if puppy connects your yelling with it's pottying in the house, it is going to go off to some far corner or room, under a table etc., and potty. In other words, it will go and hide to do its job and then you've got a real problem.

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