Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Westie Rescue

As Winter has officially arrived, the holidays are drawing near, and 2021 is coming to a close, we want to take the time to send a special Season’s Greetings to all of you – our volunteers, adopters, partners, and all the 1,200 Westies adopted and those who live with you today.

2021 has brought many highs and lows for us all.  We welcomed many newly adopted Westies into families all over the MidAtlantic area, but have had to say goodbye to a few of the great ones that were adopted over the past 27 years.  It was fun trying out new roads to pick up and drop off Westies – like the long distance runs down to the Carolinas to pick up ones that needed extra special medical care by our vets in Annapolis MD, who have helped over 1,100 Westies get well.  But it was amazing returning to a sense of normalcy when we got to see all of your bright and shiny faces at the Scottish Christmas Parade earlier this month.  Through it all – near, far, and socially distanced – you’ve never stopped answering the call of adopting, caring for, and getting out of bed to take your little ones for the morning walk. Once again, you delivered miracles by adopting Westies who needed care for the remaining years of their lives and giving your all by adopting young Westies who will need a life time commitment to care, feeding, and training! This year you also helped us once again to raise the funds to pay off vet bills that exceeded $50,000 to get these Westies ready for a new life full of wonder and love.  For this, we are truly thankful.

  • The Volunteers who make up Westie Rescue.

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