Photo of the week Oct 11th

Updates on Westies adopted and in foster care as medical needs are addressed.

Updates from the Home front Oct 11, 2021

Mr Finley reports in from his new home in Northern VA.

Finnley reports that his new home is REAL QUIET, so his stress level is at zero.  He is laying around getting tummy rubs and back scratches so all is good in his world. As an Addison patient he will need lots of care and attention. His new owners think they have gotten Mr. Perfect as he listens, walks well on a lead, loves human attention, and even gets along with the resident cat. 

I am finally able to get in all those naps I missed before as there was way too much activity in the house with kids of all ages coming and going. Here in my new digs I get to go out on power walks a few times a day and then come home to a nice snooze on the couch or my soft and comfy bed. Just thinking about the bed makes my eyes heavy…

I have been getting lots of attention and human one on one time, which I need. My new mom and dad tell me I am just so handsome and a great addition to their lives. They lost their other Westie who left such a large hole in their hearts that I now get to fill.

I have been working hard following the Westie Rules for Newly Adopted Dogs. Uncle Stephen thumped me in the head and whispered these four rules in my ear as they were taking me home on a test drive:

  • No 1 – Suck up, that way they will NOT return your sorry little butt
  • No 2 – Show/demonstrate to your new Mom and Dad how lucky they are for having you!
  • No 3 – All “business” is done OUTSIDE.
  • No 4 – Don’t screw up … See rule No 1

I am on my best behavior so all is golden here in my new digs.

Thanks Westie Rescue for finding just the right home and thanks Mom and Dad for caring about me and wanting to give me a great new life!” – Finley 10.2021

Background: Finley came into our program as a well loved and cared for Westie who had developed Addisons disease at a very early age of two due to high stress. His original owners made the hard choice of surrendering him so he could get the best medical care and a new home that matched his needs for life.

Westie Rescue is glad to have made a difference in this little one’s life.

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