Photo of the Week June 1

Say hello to Miss Annie (AKA the Nibbler)

“You don’t look too good in the morning either!”

Ms Annie – Adult Female Westie. Senior (approx. 10-11 years old), 17#. Shots updated and has found a new home this past weekend (6/11/2021). Little Ms Annie comes into our program as her owner has moved into assisted living and could not take her. She would like to have her own place with a new great owner. Ms Annie has had her “Tune Up” (health checkup, blood testing, shots updated, nail trim, and a bath. All Annie needs now is good food, a few walks a day, a someone who will allow her to become their best buddy. She is happy, healthy and would like to sit on a chair or couch with you as she will follow you everywhere! She has a new home with a human who has a soft couch or chair (see pictures above).

Ms Annie reporting says: “I needed a really soft bed to snooze in, as I sleep a lot ,so Westie Rescue has found me the PERFECT new home. I am in FL on vacation with my new mom visiting her parents. We go out on the boat with my life jacket on. One can’t be too careful and besides they need me. I go to work into the shop to play with Corvettes. I love to go for rides in the convertibles. I watch carefully but I sleep a lot too, so I may miss something once in a while.

I like to play with humans and my toys for 20 mins then sleep for 2 hrs.  I come when called…well not so much, I sit on command, and I am house trained unless my bladder is way too full from drinking too much water.  I like to snooze in a dog bed too. I sleep soundly so you will need to clap your hands to wake me. I like to be near you. I have a few quirks but who doesn’t when you get older? 

Thanks Westie Rescue for finding an old girl a brand new home that loves me…. Wet nose from my Florida vacation house. Miss Annie June 2021

Adopted and very happy