Photo of the Week May 24th

Say hello to Mr Max who may have found a home. (trial adoption under way)

Mr Max – Adult male Westie/Poodle/Bichon Frise. Only DNA testing will say who mom stepped out with. A true quick bonding little guy. (approx. 10 years old), 15#. Healthy, happy, shots update and good to go to a new home where he is the single dog. This little guy just came in to our program on Saturday.  His owner is moving to the West Coast and could not take him or care for him. He is SUPER friendly and wants to be in eye sight of you. He was just seen by a vet in the last 30 days and has all his records, travel papers ready, and rested, so he good to go!  

Max is a good little guy who pads after you as you walk or in the house. He comes with everything a new home would need to care for him.  His own food, toys, treats and his own bed that must be near you especially night time.  He is a great sound sleeper who will keep one ear and eye open to make sure everyone is safe all night long.  He likes to meet people, dogs and go on long walks to inspect the neighbor’s bushes.

Best Home: No young kids and no aggressive dogs: Max is a sweet and gentle little guy seeking a quite home where he can be loved. A home that can give him the attention he would love. He thrives on attention and meeting people. When visitors come, he barks to let them know he is the gatekeeper of the house. 30 seconds later he is the snack requester. He sleeps right near you all day and night, on the floor or in his little bed which needs to be right near your bed at night. He wakes up happy and ready to get a good pet in before a walk to do his “business”.

Max says: “I need a new place to set my bed down. My owner moved somewhere far away and I couldn’t go along, so here I am looking for a new home. I have my own soft bed and other stuff like food, bowls and such, as I was well loved and cared for. I have a really bad haircut right now so you need to look past that and into my eyes to see we need each other. I will bond with you in 2 hrs and will follow you around everywhere like I have lived her in a previous life. I like to supervise all activity in case there is a treat involved somewhere. I love walks and exploring the outdoors. I need lots of attention. I am a good-looking little guy with questionable breeding as my mom never talked about dad(s). I like a good neck and cheek scratch. I walk so well on a lead that if you live in a quite area, you can throw it away. I like to meet other dogs and I like people as I am very social too.  I am VERY attentive. Did I say I like to be with humans?  I need a human partner to hang out with. Oh, commands: I come when called, I sit on command, and I am a good house guest. Expecting more? Nope can’t be a circus dog just will be your best buddy.

Uncle Stephen is typing this ‘cause my typing skills are at ZERO and my paws as don’t work the key board either. I think that all. Only part missing is you so…

UPDATE: May 25

Last night I went on a trial stay to see if I like my new home and mom. I will post my finding shortly“… MAX

Adoption Pending

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  1. I fell in love with COco! We’ve had three Westies and two Bassets over the years; wonderful memories for us, our daughters, not to mention the neighbors. Coco has one of those faces that makes you happy to see her. She appears very happy!

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