Photo of the Week March 8

Our latest Rescue girl is on to her new life.

Say hello Ms. Mojito. She came into the program with skin infections from a home overwhelmed by a newborn child. She is 8 years old and full of life now that she has been to our wonderful vets for a one week stay to have her shots updated, blood tested, health check, temperament evaluation and multiple baths and pills which allowed her to turn the corner with her condition. She has been adopted. The new family will continue to give her baths, daily pills and a revisit to our vets to ensure she is indeed on the road to being a walking carpet of fur once again.

This skin issue is very common in Westies. It is called Malassezia Dermatitis (Yeast infection of the skin) often combined with an bacterial infection from the constant scratching associated with the condition. In extreme cases the eyes, ears, and feet also get compromised. Many, like this little girl, have joint issues as the infection expands across their little bodies. This condition is readily treatable and a full recovery is always expected.

More info on common health issues can be found on Westie Rescue CA’s website:

See images below on her looks before this issue kick in last fall.