Photo of the week Jan 11

More Christmas cards came in over the holidays. Olivia and Valentino

Olivia and Valentino report in from their new home that all is GREAT.

“Hello from the two of us on Christmas Day. We meant to write earlier, but we have been so busy with life here in our new home. We have been really busy guarding the front porch from all those trucks that drive up and down our street where a human runs up to the door and drops something and then the runs back and stop at the next house. Looks pretty suspect to us, so we warn them that we are looking at them. I hold a paw up to my eyes and point at them as we don’t have fingers to do the I AM LOOKING AT YOU sign. They drive off so I know we scared them.

As you can see from our Christmas photo, we got some styling sweaters for Christmas. They fit perfect and they are warm too as it’s getting nippy out there at night. Only a little snow yet, but we have been dreaming of a blizzard or two. We have told our humans that we will need a few trails dug with cut outs to do our biz in. A little grass cleared too, if you don’t mind. Easier to find just the right spot.

Well, we need to get back to snoozing, so thanks once again for finding a special home that wanted the two of us for life! Olivia & Valentino

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  1. I am so happy for the two of you 💗. My westie filled my home with fun and laughter. Loved his walks, and had a great time when the neighbors told him how handsome he was. My you fill your forever home with lots of love , fun, and nice walks

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