Photo of the week Jan 3, 2021

Baxter reporting in from a Christmas Card shoot.

Baxter reports in that he and his four legged brother Winston, got matching jackets for Christmas this year. Baxter was adopted in 2020 and wanted to send a card to say life is good and he is safe and happy now.

“This Christmas, my mom put out cookies for Santa but Winston and I ate them. We didn’t even get coal in our stockings. We got matchy matchy winter jackets instead. Now, we really look like brothers! Winston says they look like long-johns, but I told him there is no flap in the back, so they must be jackets.

All is good here, food, treats on demand, soft beds to snooze in, etc. We chase the squirrels around the yard so we are busy even in the winter time. When we come in, we like to sit close to our humans as they are getting good at finding the right spots to scratch as we drift off. Well that all I have to write but I would like to say, Thanks WESTIE RESCUE for finding me the perfect home to spend the holidays this year!” – Baxter

PS: Oh, in the picture above, we are NOT joined at the hip. Winston is a chair hog and has his butt in my side. He really is a …. It’s Christmas so I am going to be extra nice as you never know if Santa understands brothers. Fight over toys but snooze together.

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  1. I wish to adopt a beautiful westie dog. We are seniors and so very much like to have a furry friend.

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