Photo of the Week Dec 21

Mr Finn Reporting in from his new home

Mr Finn, who was adopted a few months ago, reports in on his new home and best buddy “Toby”, a 60# German Shepherd.

Finn came into our program a few months ago as he was way too much for his owners as a high energy terrier puppy. As you can read below nothing has changed…..

“I have a new life and a best buddy who lets me win at hide and go seek as well as the best game ever of zoom zoom…”Come get me” I have ever had. Dad says we have no brains so we need two of them just to fill up our skulls. I think we are smart so I stick out my tongue to show him.

I was adopted by a “dog person” who had lost his previous adopted senior Westie “Snowy” a year ago. She had left a large hole in the fabric of life that I get to fill in and I think I do a good job at it!

I am one high energy boy who spends his day zipping around the house, hiding under and behind furniture, while Toby pads after me to see where I have gone. I pop out on the other side and nip his big butt and pop back into my hidey hole. What fun. I never lose as I am smaller and can fit into places he can’t even get his head into. My dad wonders where my off button is located. I have told him I had that removed at birth!

I have two great traits, I pop up and down when it is dinner time as I love food time. It’s the best time of the day. I make my dad laugh out loud as I pop up and down in anticipation of those crunchy nuggets of kibble.

The other great trait is I am always happy happy happy. What Terrier isn’t? When we all go outside, dad holds me back as I like to nip on Toby’s ankles as we run down the stairs. I think it is really great as Toby can’t turn and get me. Dad thinks we are going to kill ourselves on the deck stairs one day.

When everyone is resting, I bore in and under the couch cushions and pop out to nip a few unsuspecting body parts that are nearby, then I quickly pull my head back down so no one can see where the nip came from. Oh, what a great game! Dad says I am driving him to drink. I keep checking my water bowl for heavy consumption but nothing so far, so he must be just kidding.

Dad took me for my first grooming appointment as I was getting shaggy. My new look is so much more handsome and we get lots of compliments as we walk the sidewalks of the neighborhood. Now I will need a styling jacket to complete the new me look.

When I am resting up and replenishing my energy levels to 110%, Toby and I snooze on the couch together near dad. That way I get an extra rub and a good scratch while catching a ZZZzzzz….

Thanks Westie Rescue for finding me a new Dad who gets me and for bringing a best buddy like Toby into my life. I know how lucky everyone is just to have me in the house.” – Mr Finn 12/2020

My best buddy using me as a head rest after a good romp.
Finn’s Dad reports that today is Finn’s B-Day (1/06/2020) making him one year old. He also reports that he can not find that $@!$#%&*! off button.

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  1. Mr. Finn reminds me so much of my sweet Molly Hanna. She went to doggie heaven last summer. I could not have asked for a sweeter more loving doggie.
    Happy New Year,
    Michael Roach, Collierville, Tn.

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