Photo of the week Dec 12

Mr Cody says thanks for his new life.

Mr Cody after repairs to his leg

Thanks Westie Rescue for giving me my life back.  I came into the program with broken LR upper leg bone that was shattered by a baseball bat hit. Westie Rescue had the wonderful vets at Greater Annapolis Vet Hospital, replace my bone with an artificial replacement.  It was VERY expensive and my recovery took a long time. They opened me up like a chicken. Shaved hip and all. I couldn’t chase anything, no ball playing, stairs, couch hopping, NOTHING! I had to be on a lead all the time outdoors, so no squirrel chasing or long walks, just around the yard. You know how boring that gets?

Now for the really bad part. You you ever tried to lift a leg with one is already out of action? Let me tell you, as a guy, it was painful and humiliating. I fell over a few times until I got the hang of it. Now don’t tell anyone that part of the story, as it is LONG past.

Uncle Stephen said it was hard on him too, but I wondered how that was possible as I was the one who had the surgery. He had me doing PT, flexing my leg, working my joints, and even my toes! I would lay in bed and get a whole body rub down afterward. That part was good, the rest, not so much.

Thanks goodness that is all done. Now I can run and play ball, chase squirrels and everything! The Vets said I was a good patient and recovered fast as I followed instructions. 

Thanks Westie Rescue for giving me everything I needed to get better. I am especially thankful for my new home and parents.  It was great to be a part of this program of giving Westies a new chance at a second life.  –  Mr Cody, a HAPPY rodent chaser!

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  1. What a blessing to have an organization like this to support our dearly loved westies, May God continue to bless all those behind the scene people

  2. We just lost a beloved 15 year old West Highland white terrier, and his loss has created a hole in our lives a mile wide. He was beautifully tempered, devoted and perfectly mannered. A better dog would be hard to find but we are beginning our search. We would be willing to consider an older dog but would love to find a young female. We have the time and the financial security to give a great home to a pup.

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