Photo of the week Aug 31

Chloe reporting in on her new life….

Hello, I’m Chloe and this is me at the Outer Banks, NC on vacation with my new family. I am one year old and I came into Westie Rescue when my previous owners had a forced move to the West Coast for work. They were moving to a high rise condo so I decided I like No VA and wanted to stay, so Westie Rescue found my little butt a new family with little humans (two girls and a boy) to hang out with and sleep with. Each night I sleep with the middle daughter and she reads a book to me until I fall asleep. She reads adventure stories, so I dream about chasing rabbits and squirrels all night. This month we all went on vacation to the beach, but the noise of the ocean was too much for me so we wondered all over the Island on the back-bay nature trails. I like hunting the little rodents on those walks. After a few miles I get tired so we all go home for a snack, a gallon or two of water, and a good snooze. I love my new life, Thanks Westie Rescue for picking out just the right home for me. – Miss Chloe Adopted 4/2020