Westie Rescue has helped over 1,100 Westies.

In 2018 we reached a mile stone as Westie Rescue rescued and rehomed our 1,100th Westie.  Each year for the past 25 years +, owners, state, county, and local municipal animal control authorities, reach out to Westie Rescue regarding dogs that are unwanted.  Westie Rescue volunteers act quickly to pick up the animal in question, drive them directly to a veterinarian hospital to ensure that the Westie in question receives a medical evaluation, rabies shots, and other medical care as required by the experienced vets we use.

Remember Westie Rescue when you write your bills this month because without your donation, we cannot help these little ones……

A puppy mill breeding kennel rescue run resulting in 24 dogs being saved. All are headed to our vets to get the care they need.

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